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    Hi Nazca team,

    Since that we are drawing some bends/Arc structure.

    We found there were having some really small mismatch(~1nm) at connect interface. But the wg width is the same.

    Trying to increase layer accuracy to solve, but not work.

    Although we may skip those fake DRC errors, still prefer your suggestion to avoid these mismatch.

    IC-issue.png wordt weergegeven

    Any suggestion or advice are appreciated,



    Dear Eric,

    GDS coordinates are in each dimension ultimately a 4 byte integer with 2^32 = 4.29E9 positions. At some point snapping takes place to the integer. As a result two previously perfectly aligned floating point lines (see picture below) may exhibit a gap or overlap of about the mask resolution in the worst case.

    To remove the gaps you can grow, merge and shrink a mask layer in a post process step, e.g. in Klayout.

    Alternatively, a ‘growy’ (grow-y) setting of a layer in a xsection can be used. This has to be merged into a main release after 0.4.3, as it defaults to 0 otherwise.

    Solving the grid position for multiple layers of different width, e.g. a waveguide + trench layers, at an unconnected waveguide-end under an arbitrary angle is another case. It requires extra polygon points or specific ‘growy’ settings per layer in a xsection to make sure snapping behaves as expected for applying logical (DRC) operations on the polygons.

    What you can get away with strongly depends on the technology you are using.



    Hi Ronald,

    Thanks for your kindly/clear clarification.

    As we try to modify the growy of xsection property, it’s actually help us to solve the issue.

    Many thanks,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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