Nazca Design — for photonic IC

Nazca is an open-source framework which rethinks the Photonics IC design flow from the ground up. The goal is to make high-quality PIC design easier, cheaper and faster for commercial, research and academic designers.

Nazca benefits:

  • Free & open source inside Python3
  • Supports custom & MPW foundries
  • Interactive design environment
  • Hierarchical co-design
  • Faster design cycles
  • Customizable interface

See how easy you can design a PIC

NAZCA layout example


Mask layout of a photonic IC with lasers, photo-detectors and semiconductor optical amplifiers connected with technology aware interconnects.

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About Nazca

for designers by designers

We imagined the Photonic IC design tool that would best support our commercial and research work. With a team of professional photonic designers we created Nazca.

Nazca is an open-source PIC tool based on Python-3. It makes use of the high-end open-source mask viewer and editor – KLayout.
Nazca is commercially supported by BRIGHT Photonics.

Nazca makes design simpler and more fun by adding many features lacking in most commercial tools, but which are critical for the designer to deliver high-quality designs efficiently. This ranges from embedding hierarchical design in the script syntax to visualisation schemes in mask layout.


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Nazca Tutorials

for creating your own chip mask design

Nazca LayoutNazca Foundry
19 December 2019

Inverted MMI

In this example we show how to create an inverted MMI with custom interconnects.
Nazca LayoutNazca Foundry
8 December 2019

Euler bends

In this example we show how to use Euler bends
Nazca LayoutNazca Foundry
8 December 2019

Free form curves

In this example we show how to create a free form parametric curve
Nazca LayoutNazca Foundry
11 November 2019

Log your layout

In this example we show how to log your layout.