PDK subscriptions

Nazca Design is free. Why PDKs are not free in the same way?

Nazca Design is released under open source license AGPLv3. Foundry PDKs contain foundry intellectual property and are under copyright and/or a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the foundry. Besides that, for both designer and foundry it is critical to use an up-to-date and a validated PDK when submitting a PIC design for manufacturing.

A continuous and dedicated effort is performed to keep Nazca PDK quality at the highest level in the PIC industry. With the subscription you support this quality. By using Nazca you save 10s of thousands in licensing cost and speed up your design process significantly. If you would like to test Nazca PDKs for free, simply check out the DemoFab tutorials on the Nazca website.

Difference between Foundry PDK and Nazca PDK

A foundry PDK (Process Design Kit) is a collection of files created by the foundry that describe the technology process, building blocks and related manuals. The Nazca PDK is a software implementation of the foundry PDK to be used by designers. It contains a Nazca-Design PDK module and related Nazca PDK Documentation. With the Nazca PDK you can create a manufacturable design in GDS format.

NDA/DKLA Requirements

Nazca PDK subscription can only be executed if the proper and valid Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is in place between the Subscriber and the Foundry of the PDK. PDK and installation instructions are exchanged with the Subscriber after Bright Photonics confirms the payment and validity of the NDA between the Subscriber and the Foundry of the PDK.

End User License Agreement – EULA

EULA of the PDK Subscription are available here.
Nazca PDK subscription can only be executed if the EULA of the PDK subscription are accepted and in place between the Subscriber and BRIGHT Photonics.


A valid Nazca PDK Subscription is required to submit a design work to selected foundry and MPW run using Nazca PDK.


Nazca PDKs are commercially supported by BRIGHT Photonics.
Mask layout and design support is provided by BRIGHT Photonics.

For non-standard requests, e.g. combining multiple PDK subscriptions, extended layout support, custom circuit design, please contact info @ brightphotonics.eu.