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    Hi, I’m working on this script where several cells are generated inside a function. I’m doing a thing where I generate a cell (which I manually name) and save it to a gds file. This gds file is loaded and some boolean operations are done on layers of the cell using the klayout python interface and the result is saved to a new gds file. Finally this is loaded from the gds file into a new cell. This cell is what the function needs to return, and I want to name this cell using the hashme functionality.
    My problem is that the first cell also gets the hashme name applied to it even though I make the cell using:

    with nd.Cell(name=’SBG’, hashme=False) as sbg_cell_init:
    # Placing elements inside the cell

    Even though I manually set the name and additionally specify hashme=False, the cell gets its name from the hashme decorator. I can see that this is due to me using @nd.hashme at the top of the function that generates the sbg_cell_init cell.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?



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