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    I am hoping to do some manhattan routing of metals on a design using Nazca, specifically the interconnect module to simplify things. The constraints on the manhattan routing are that paths must be straight and intersect orthogonally (at 0 or 90 degrees) and/or at a 45 degree angle. Is this possible with the interconnect module??

    I have written custom cell functions to generate components of this sort but as you can imagine, dense routing becomes very tedious/difficult this way.



    Hi Lumico,

    Manhattan routing is what you get when you connect pins that are multiples of 90 degrees for most interconnects. Avoid cobra_p2p(), bend_strt_bend_p2p(), vipers and mambas. There are ways to restrict sbend() or sbend_p2p() angles to 45 degrees with the Amax keyword.

    To understand your question better, would you have a picture on what you would like to achieve or expect and what you get?

    Maybe you refer to routing groups of waveguides?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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