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    I have a few different libraries of Cells that I use regularly in KLayout (drag and drop).  Is there a way in Nazca to pull in Cells from a library registered in KLayout?  I am finding whenever I try to import Cells from my .gds building block library file into Nazca and then export them back into a mask file, the imported cells create new cells registered to the “Local” library rather than being instantiated as a Cell from one of my previously registered .gds libraries.




    Dear Eric,

    Klayout libraries as you describe should be no more than a link to a gds file(s):

    Hence, if you store gds files in “~/.klayout/libraries” they will end up in the Klayout library repositories with all the top cells as available library cells (via the “Instance” menu item). You have to restart Klayout as far as I am aware to see updates in a library file in Klayout. The cells of your present mask (the active layout in Klayout) will show up under the “Local” library (all cells, not only top cells as in the stored library case). If this is not addressing your issue, can you provide a more detailed example?



    Dear Eric,

    The library support is a feature of KLayout. It generates a specially crafted GDS file structure to support this, since GDS itself does not.

    Of course, with Nazca you can import cells from KLayout libraries, just as you could with every other GDS file. See for example the tutorial make a BB from GDS.

    This will even update your GDS when the library changes, but you have to rerun the Nazca source program. Full Nazca support for the KLayout library feature is possible, but it is not there at the moment.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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