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    I have encountered problem with installing Nazca package on my Mac. Im running python version 3.9 and using PyCharm as my environment. I installed Nazca using terminal with pip3 command, and it is possible for me to list it in terminal, and it comes out as Nazca 2.0.2 version. After trying it however in my script, I get only information that “module ‘nazca’ has no attribute X”, when I try to use any of functions from library, even the __version__ function does not work.
    Im unable to submit any images to this post from my computer, so im just trying to explain this problem.
    Is there any solution to this? Let me know.


    Hi Arhastran,

    Nazca Design is not yet in the pip repositories. Nazca 2.0.2 is another package.
    Thus “pip install nazca” installs a package unrelated to Nazca Design.

    You’ll need the zip from the Nazca Design download site.
    The current version is 0.5.13: https://nazca-design.org/dist/nazca-0.5.13.zip
    After downloading, try: “pip install nazca-0.5.13.zip”


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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