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    As observe the digital place of pin information is about to three as,

    <Node(id=178978, name=’b1′) object in cell ‘PS’, xs=’xsec2′, width=0.5, xya=(47.412, 5.433, 13.074), remark=’None’>

    It’s possible to adjust the xya information with higher digital place ? say 47.412234 ; to 6 digital place for example.




    Dear Eric,

    Internally the coordinates are stored as floats, so the number of digits is dependent on the machine representation and the operations that have taken place. When written to a GDS file, the xy-coordinates are changed to integers with the least significant digit representing (typically) 1 nm, so three digits when converted to microns.

    Just printing the node or pin information just shows a string representation of that object, and the number of digits is not necessarily the same as the internal representation.

    See this example:

    import nazca as nd
    s = nd.strt(length=10).put(1.23456789, 1.23456789, 1.23456789)

    which prints

    <Node(id=12, name='straight_2_a0_1') object in cell 'straight_2', xs='None', width =1.0, xya=(1.235, 1.235, 181.235), remark='None'>
    (1.23456789, 1.23456789, 181.23456789000002)

    clearly with more digits.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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