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    I have been trying to create s-bend coplanar waveguides of various radii, and gap, and signal widths. I have managed to create the signal line using this code:

    nd.strt(length=1500, width=30).put(0, 0)
    nd.bend(angle=90, radius=50, width=30).put()
    nd.bend(angle=-90, radius=50, width=30).put()
    nd.strt(length=1500, width=30).put()

    But I’m not sure how to create the ground, as it would essentially be a rectangle which would have on one side a bend the same radius as the signal line. Is there some way to create this? Maybe using Euler bends or free form curves?

    Thank you in advance


    Dear gpsar3,

    The nd.strt() and nd.bend() functions are a bit of shortcut functions to get started quickly.
    If you need interconnect functionality using strt, bend and other waveguides you get a lot of extra milage when using them in as part of the Interconnect class:


    Interconnect remember defaults like xs, width and radius and can be fine tuned.

    Structures GS or GSG lines you can define as a single interconnect as demonstrated here

    xsections and layers


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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