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Babar Hussain

Hello Ronald and Nazca Team,

I am new to Nazca with almost zero background in it. I am a process integrator trying to learn SiPh design. I just installed Anaconda Navigator and using Spyder for coding. I am using commands mentioned in this YouTube video (https://nazca-design.org/drag-drop/) to import the nazca library to use drag and drop option to start exploring design options. But it is not working for me. The commands “import nazca as nd” and “import nazca.demofab as demo” seem to execute but when I try “nd.export_gds(demo.BBcells)” or “demo.exportBBlist2GDS()” I get an error “AttributeError: module ‘nazca.demofab’ has no attribute ‘exportBBlist2GDS'”. Sorry for such basic question but I just started and not sure what I am doing wrong. I just need the nazca pdk library for now to design my first simple device. Can you help? I am no sure what I am doing wrong. Is there any other way to download the nazca library so I can just copy the folder to klayout libraries?