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Dear Wook,

When I drew structures, I had to see arrows between structures in layer 1001.

If you want to edit the arrow of a certain interconnect, you can do that creating a new pinstyle and by replacing the “pinstyle” and “arrow” attributes of the interconnect you want to use.

An example:

import nazca as nd
from nazca import demofab as pdk

# Define your new pinstyle and arrow
styledict = {
"layer": (1002, 0),
"annotation_layer": (1002, 1),
nd.add_pinstyle(name="mystyle", styledict=styledict)
new_arrow = nd.bb_util.make_pincell(style="mystyle")

# Apply your new pinstyle to an Interconnect
ic = pdk.deep
ic.pinstyle = "mystyle"
ic.arrow = new_arrow

If you instead want to remap the 1001 layer to another layer when importing GDS files, you can use the “layermap” attribute of the “load_gds” function.


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