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Dear Ronald,

In my design, I use together Nazca-design built-in cells (strt, bend, taper) and custom building blocks.

Regarding “xsections” I use them to define the distance (guide) around my device where the foundry will not add filling patterns. The foundry adds filling patterns to achieve the desired density of the deposited material, and I don’t want to have filling patterns too close to my waveguides.

An example of a custom building block is an apodized waveguide grating (AWG) with a complicated free-form shape. The simple device consists of a straight section “strt” and the AWG building block. Here, I want to have these “xsections” around both straight section “strt” and the AWG building block.

This can be done manually by working with polygons and layers. However, when working with many built-in cells and custom building blocks to build the cell this would be very impractical.

Is there any way to define “xsections” for the instance of the custom building blocks? Or, is there a way I can make a cell instead of the custom building block that would act in the same way as Nazca-design built-in cells?