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Dear Marcin,

That’s indeed the way forward. Though, the mmi ‘a0’ pin is connected to itself in your example. If you also use it as start pin you will have a zero length path only. If I use the below in nazca.0.5.13 (nd.findpath(...)) it does what I expect.

nd.connect_path(left_mmi.pin['a0'], right_mmi.pin['b0'], 1.0) # note the 'b0'

One can not use an “opt” connectivity without implementing compact models in the PDK under the “opt” connections. Something using “trace”, along this post, could be quite useful. You can multiply the geometrical lengths with your own compact (refractive index) model. The MMI you can not trace, as the trace method is intended for 2-port components only, but you do use what you know about its phase transmission to set your target arm diff.