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Hello, I have a follow-on question here.

I’m trying to do some interconnects where I make all curvature changes continuous, and log the total path length in the cell. Below is an example of how I did it.

Do you see any issue with adding to the dictionary cell[‘properties’]?  For instance I was afraid it might mess up use of the @hashme decorator.

Thanks, Jon

with nd.Cell(hashme=True, autobbox=True) as cell:
    curve = nd.Polygon(points=poly_pts, layer=layer).put(0)
    nd.Pin('a0', width=width).put(0, 0, 180)
    nd.Pin('b0', width=width).put(x1, y1, ang1)
    cell.properties['parameters']['curvature'] = {'a0':curve_in, 'b0':curve_out}
    cell.properties['parameters']['length'] = pathlength