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Dear caspian1360,

Are you looking for something like this?

import nazca as nd

length_box = 4
width = 3
lay = 1
radius = 100
angle = 60

wg = nd.strt(length=length_box, width=width, layer=lay).put(length_box / 2, 0, 0)
nd.bend(radius=radius, angle=angle, width=width, layer=lay).put(wg.pin["b0"])
nd.bend(radius=radius, angle=angle, width=width, layer=lay).put(wg.pin["a0"])

# Or, directly using chain connections:
lay = 2
nd.bend(radius=radius, angle=-angle, width=width, layer=lay).put(0, 0, angle)
nd.strt(length=length_box, width=width, layer=lay).put()
nd.bend(radius=radius, angle=angle, width=width, layer=lay).put()


If your structures need more properties (e.g. additional layers, default width and radius, etc.), find out more about cross sections and interconnects. Some tutorials will be useful, e.g. https://nazca-design.org/make_a_cell_put_a_cell/.