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Dear Tommaso,

Good to hear Nazca works well for you.

In principle, a cell should not be changed after creation and there is no need for that. Note that the put_stub() does accept a list of pins, so if you only want to see pin ‘a0’, simply use nd.put_stub(['a0']), or nd.put_stub('a0'). But I think that’s what you use your boolean for that you mentioned, i.e. change that list of pins.

That said, the stub/pin features discussed here are just a visualization of the pin, and the pin (Node object) actually already has a (sleeping) “show” attribute. It would not harm the cells fundamental features (like its connectivity) when changing the “show” after cell closure. It would quite straight forward to implement a cellA.showpins() method, and subsequently filter on the “show” attribute at time of mask export. It can actually be useful to clean up the layout view this way. Hence, I will add the lines for the next release (after 0.5.13).