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Dear Alex,

Nazca allows you to be a bit “sloppy” by auto defining a xsection in cases where one would be needed in Interconnects but where none was provided. However, an extra check on connection symmetry was added in 0.5.11 that in your case did not like a missing xsection. This will be adapted so it will not warn/stop on the missing xsection anymore. For now an easy way out is to define the xsection explicitly and also add it to the interconnect initialization, which is best practice anyway:

siName = 'SiDevLayer'
siLayer = 1
# even nicer is to add the xsections explicitly: 
# nd.add_xsection(name='myXS')
# nd.add_xsection(name='myXS2')
nd.add_layer(name=siName, layer=siLayer, accuracy=0.001)
nd.add_layer(name='Sleeve', layer=2, accuracy=0.001)
nd.add_layer2xsection(xsection='myXS', layer='SiDevLayer')  # This will define the xsection as well when none exists yet with name 'myXS'.
nd.add_layer2xsection(xsection='myXS2', layer='Sleeve')  # This will define the xsection as well when none exists yet with name 'myXS2'.

w0 = 1  
r0 = 120
ic   = Interconnect(xs='myXS', width=w0, radius=r0)
ic65 = Interconnect(xs='myXS', width=0.65, radius=r0)
ic56 = Interconnect(xs='myXS', width=0.56, radius=r0)
ic50 = Interconnect(xs='myXS', width=0.5, radius=r0)
ws = 5
rs = 100
ics = Interconnect(xs='myXS2', width=ws, radius=rs)