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Dear iv_tern,

The properties are accessible through the Cell objects, which are themselves in a tree structure.

If you want to see the polygons (if I interpret your question well) you can iterate over all cells under a specific cell and in each cell iterate over all polygons. The method cell_iter() is available for that as demonstrated in the example below.

import nazca as nd
import nazca.demofab as demo

cell_1 = demo.deep.strt(length=10, width=5)

print("points in original polygon:")
for NT in nd.cell_iter(cell_1):  # NT is a named tuple object
    if NT.cell_start:
        print(f"\ncell: '{NT.cell.cell_name}'")
        for i, (pgon, points, bbox) in enumerate(NT.iters['polygon']):
            print(f"{i}: points: {pgon.points}, layer: '{pgon.layer}'")

In the line (pgon, points, bbox), the “pgon” refers to the original polygon object, the “points” to the polygon translated w.r.t. the top cell provided to cell_iter, and “bbox” the translated bounding box.