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Dear Paul,

If you would like to map layers upon export to gds you can simply do this:

import nazca as nd

with nd.Cell(name='CellA') as cellA:
    nd.strt(length=10, width=5, layer=1).put()
    nd.bend(radius=20, width=2, angle=90, layer=2).put()

nd.export_gds(topcells=cellA, layermap={1: 3, 2: 4}, layermapmode='all')

The (hiding) rebuild() function was a special case of the cell_iter() in 0.5.7. The cell_iter() has many use cases and it requires several dedicated tutorials to cover it. These will be posted in the near future. But for layermapping you can use the example above, no need for the cell_iter().