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Dear Daniel,

Indeed, the interconnects were a step too high up (they return lists of connecting elements) and true that you didn’t argue for polylines as polygon replacement. See it as general background information in the discussion as this topic pops up now and then.

I had a look a few days ago into the polylines when defining interconnects, and actually I implemented the polyline already as an option when adding a layer to a xsection (setting polyline=True) for some elements (strt, bend, taper). The execution is mainly in mask_elements.py. It will be available in Nazca-0.5.6. Having polylines in a xsection can be useful in some EBPG processes. There is a catch though: The interconnects generate a set of connecting polylines, not a single long polyline. Not sure if that would ruin the party for your use case. If you could share how you use polylines that may help defining a better implementation if needed.