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Dear mbjvrijn,

The shape in your second code sample

can be reproduced using the relations for a and b in my previous post. In the code below I took y1 and y2 from the output of your code. The centre line of the interconnect lies at y=0.

import nazca as nd

# get (a, b) for the left and right edge:
def get_edge(y1, y2):
    w1 = 1.0 # w1 and w2 can be chosen arbitrary, but not the same
    w2 = 2.0
    a = (y1 - y2) / (w1 - w2)
    b = (y2*w1 - y1*w2) / (w1 - w2)
    return a, b

al, bl = get_edge(y1=1.5, y2=30)
ar, br = get_edge(y1=-1.5, y2=10)

# The actual xsection definition:

xs = nd.add_xsection(name='metal_strt')
nd.add_layer(name='L1', layer=1)
nd.add_layer2xsection(xsection='metal_strt', leftedge=(al, bl), rightedge=(ar, br), layer='L1')
ic = nd.interconnects.Interconnect(xs='metal_strt', width=1.0, radius=40) # reuse w1 value from (a, b) calc.

ic.taper(20, width2=2.0).put() # reuse w2 value from the (a, b) calculation
ic.strt(10, width=2.0).put()