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Dear Ronald,

thanks for the reference to the other post. I am still struggling with getting the actual polygons from an interconnect object. In below example, only obj0 has a polygons property, although it is empty.

import nazca as nd
import nazca.interconnects as IC

ic1 = IC.Interconnect(width=2.0, radius=20)
ic2 = IC.Interconnect(width=1.0, radius=50)

#use the interconnect objects to create layout:
obj1 = ic1.strt(length=10).put(0)
obj2 = ic1.bend(angle=45).put()
obj0 = ic1.strt(length=10)
obj3 = ic2.strt(length=20).put(20)
obj4 = ic2.bend(angle=45).put()

nd.export_gds(filename='testing.gds', clear=True)