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Dear Eric,

Internally the coordinates are stored as floats, so the number of digits is dependent on the machine representation and the operations that have taken place. When written to a GDS file, the xy-coordinates are changed to integers with the least significant digit representing (typically) 1 nm, so three digits when converted to microns.

Just printing the node or pin information just shows a string representation of that object, and the number of digits is not necessarily the same as the internal representation.

See this example:

import nazca as nd

s = nd.strt(length=10).put(1.23456789, 1.23456789, 1.23456789)

which prints

<Node(id=12, name='straight_2_a0_1') object in cell 'straight_2', xs='None', width =1.0, xya=(1.235, 1.235, 181.235), remark='None'>
(1.23456789, 1.23456789, 181.23456789000002)

clearly with more digits.