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Dear Douglas,

Your approach is much more complex (and error prone) than it needs to be. You better use the interconnect module to provide you with a pcurve connection.

Here is how it can be used for your problem:

import nazca as nd
import nazca.generic_bend as gb

# Define interconnect
myIC = nd.interconnects.Interconnect(radius=10, width=2, layer=10)

# Defining bends
bend1 = nd.bend(radius=10, angle=-30, width=2).put(0,0)
b = nd.strt(length=1, width=2).put(70,0)
bend2 = nd.bend(radius=10, angle=30, width=2).put(b.pin['a0'])

myIC.pcurve_p2p(bend1.pin['b0'], Rin=10, Rout=10).put()

# Defining straights
straight1 = nd.strt(length=10, width=2).put(0,20)
straight2 = nd.strt(length=10, width=2).put(60,40)

myIC.pcurve_p2p(straight1.pin['b0'], straight2.pin['a0']).put()


Also note that the radius (Rin,Rout) you specify in the pcurve_p2p() function need to match the radius of the curves you connect to (with the proper sign).