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Hi CDaunt,

The short answer is: yes.

The longer answer is that PCell integration and libraries in a drag & drop environment for mask layout, e.g. in KLayout, can be very useful for beginning designers to navigate through BBs and options. Also, such environment is useful to accomplish, or experiment with, the coarse layout floor plan for any level designer. However, with a growing number of components, or with more experience with Nazca script, the scripting environment tends to become (much) more efficient than clicking your way through drag & drop menu’s. A smooth integration between both worlds is the ideal case. PCell integration in KLayout in this context is therefore a noble goal. It is within reach. The SiEPIC project, for example, already provides PCells integration in KLayout. Underpinning such concepts with Nazca netlisting and scripting capabilities will, I believe, provide an even more flexible and powerful design environment for any PIC designer.