Creating Polygon Shapes

By 2 May 2017Nazca Layout

Creating Polygon Shapes

How to place polygons and use predefined Nazca shapes

# How to make geometric shapes using polygons
import nazca as nd
import nazca.geometries as geom

frame = nd.Polygon(layer=19, points=[(0,0), (220,0), (220,180), (0,180)])
boat = nd.Polygon(layer=56, points=[(0,0), (120,0), (130,40), (-10, 40)])
sail = nd.Polygon(layer=52, points=[(0,0), (100,0), (90,100)])

sun = nd.Polygon(layer=36,
hole = nd.Polygon(layer=60, points=geom.ring(radius=5))

# position the polygons
frame.put(-10, 0, 0)
boat.put(40, 20, 0)
sail.put(50, 70, -10)


Custom building blocks may require implementation of specific shapes, typically made by a list of points. In this example we show how to place polygons in different layers and use predefined shapes from the nazca.geometries module. As an example, we take Dick Bruna’s sailing boat.

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